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Our Chiropractic Techniques

Dr. Fort considers himself a full-spine Diversified hands-on adjuster. He uses a range of techniques for everyone from infants to senior citizens. These techniques include:


Your spine is in good hands at Deerwood Lake Chiropractic


Decompression helps to take some of the pressure off of the spinal disc allowing that negative pressure to retract the disc, which will take pressure off of the nerve. Read more »

Electric muscle stimulation

This technique helps to relax the muscles and increase circulation to make the adjustment easier. Read more »

K-Laser Therapy

This therapy helps to promote healing in the tissues via different wavelengths of light that affect the body in different ways to increase the circulation and activity of the cells to work on healing. Read more »


Traction is used to stretch the soft tissues and allow them to get more circulation as they’re being stretched and relaxed.


Ultrasound sends sound waves to penetrate ligaments and tendons to loosen them up and make it easier to do the adjustment.

Whole-body Vibration

Originally used for cosmonauts after they returned from space, whole-body vibration helps to strengthen the body by increasing the gravitational pull on a person’s body and having the body react.

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