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Meet Dr. Yale Gordon

Dr. Yale Gordon, ChiropractorI became a chiropractor due to my own fantastic results under chiropractic care. I was playing basketball during my first year at Rutgers University. During the game, I flipped over the shoulders of another player and fell flat on my back. Immediately I felt shooting pains in my lower back and down my legs. I couldn’t even get up to get off the floor. I was taken via ambulance to the emergency department of the hospital. They treated me and released me onto some crutches and prescribed me some painkillers.

Better Than Ever!

I went to my brother’s chiropractor because he had good results with his chiropractic care. The doctor explained to me about how my fall had caused a spinal misalignment that was causing my problems. Within about a month I went from walking on crutches to being back on the basketball court, feeling better than ever.

After my dramatic experience, I found that Chiropractic was my calling. The following semester I changed my course of study towards the goal of becoming a chiropractor one day.

A Chiropractic Education

I studied at Life University in Marietta GA and learned more anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry. I enjoyed it from the start, learning how to help restore health naturally through chiropractic care. I hope to have all my patients live their best lives free of pain and discomfort.


Dr. Yale Gordon | (904) 996-8660